Over the weekend, I decided to relax. What I’ve learned in week 1 wore me out, I’m still trying to understand what I’ve learned. Then I decided to not try to memorize every code, I believe that was part of being worn out at the end of the first week. I was trying to memorize everything and not really absorbing it. I think knowing the concept first will help me get used to knowing the codes. I figured that’s what the documentation site is for, to show you what the codes are for the concept that you’re trying to create.

Although I relaxed, I did watch a few YouTube videos about Unity. I found that pretty interesting to see different explanations of how to do the same things.

As I struggled with Spawn Manager on day 5, it was eventually completed. Coming into today, I felt refreshed and ready to go. Before I started the Prototype to Production section, I needed to download Filebase. Had a few minor issues with the download, but I got it up and working. I took time to look around Filebase which was fun looking at all the different designs. I watched the tutorial on Filebase and dragged it into my project. I couldn’t find the sprite to be used for my player. At first I thought something went wrong, like I downloaded the wrong thing, but realized that was the only option for a download. I figured I can’t have been the only one that couldn’t find this sprite. I decided to check the all questions chat in Slack. There was someone who also had trouble finding it a few weeks ago and the concern was quickly resolved.

Day 6 wasn’t so bad, I definitely don’t feel the stress or pressure that I felt last week. I’ve got the Triple Shot tutorial coming up and I look forward to that. Triple Shot, that just sounds pretty cool.